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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Travel Book Club Review: Are we too Many?

By: T&T GEOG 290 Brittany Phillips
We have found Big Foot and it turns out he leaves a HUGE footprint, and by footprint I am referring to Carbon Footprint. Who is he? Mankind. In Werner Hendrik Cornelis’ Are we too Many? We see that in fact, we are too many. From Desertification to depleting food supply there’s not much to look forward to…literally. What’s more depressing than that is the fact that there isn’t much we can do about it! Cornelis breaks down the ten ‘menaces’ that are plaguing mankind, and we happen to be on that list. Humans can’t help but leave a mark behind wherever they go, but since the Industrial Revolution our impact on the world has grown tenfold. Examples of revolutionary thinkers from centuries past brought these hazards to light and it’s only in the twenty-first century that we are seeing them. Yet, the data is still being stifled by the very entity that is causing them; us. A bleak picture is painted for us in this essay. Our unbelievable population growth is quantifying and the prospect of the next thirty years does not seem any better. We are destroying the earth, the only earth we have. Resources are being depleted and for some things there is no regeneration; like water. Dying of thirst sounds like a horrible death to me, yet if we don’t act now it might become a very real possibility.
Are we too Many? Is an easy read outlining what we have done and what we can do in order to save our coming generations and ourselves. I’m scared, this is a real life horror movie. This book brings theory to life. It’s time to prepare and this book shows you why.  

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