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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Travel Journals GEOG 290

By: Curtis Wisuri
World of Travel/Tourism GEOG 290
Journal 2
This class filled all of my expectations that I had for it. I took it because I like to travel and it only made me want to travel more. I learned that what my cousin and friends had said was true; it was a fun and interesting class. I learned a lot about different ways to travel and a lot of different places to travel to that I would have never have thought of before, like England with all its castles and history. I learned about new hotels that I had never heard about before and would have never imagined there could be so much stuff inside of one building. Also we learned about some different airplanes like the A380, and the Concorde. I would have liked to fly in one but I believe they will come out with something just as spectacular in the future.
I still think that if I went into something in this field that it would be on a cruise ship so that I could see all those different countries. I also found out about some different stuff on those cruises like the shows and high end restaurants. Also the different cruise lines and where they go, like Antartica which would be awesome to travel to. So in ending I thoroughly enjoyed this class and all that it taught me.

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