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Monday, December 12, 2011

Travel Book Club Review: Cuisine & Culture A History of Food and People

Cuisine & Culture A History of Food and PeopleBy: Brittany Phillips, GEOG 290 
Turn on the stove and start boiling some water; if you weren’t hungry before you’ll become quite famished while reading Linda Civitello’s history/foodie bible! It’s history about food; it’s the best of both worlds bound in a book that’s hard to put down! Page after page delights the reader with historical facts and delves into almost every subject Food. The salivating begins while reading course one (all the chapters are divided up into meal courses, isn’t that clever?) all about the history of food. From wars to a cornucopia of different cultures this book has everything! It’s the world guide to what’s on your plate. In a foreign country? Whip out this book and see why the locals eat what they eat. When in Rome eat like the Romans do! Trivia and stories are sprinkled throughout this yummy tome making me gape in pure surprise and laugh in pure delight! Did you know that during the Victorian Era piano legs were covered because they could whet a man’s appetite? And I’m not referring to food…There is even a recipe that calls for cooking a baby inside a cake, a fake baby of course. Thought this book is about food cannibalism is only briefly mentioned. Just a reminder, it is illegal in the U.S. in case you were wondering. We’re all going to have to brush up on our food etiquette; heaven knows we could use a reminder on which is the salad fork. Well that is if that particular culture even uses that piece of dinnerware. Cuisine & Culture is a gastronomical success and definitely will get more wear and tear in my kitchen than The Joy of Cooking!

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