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Thursday, December 22, 2011

TRAVEL Journals HONS 223

By: Puspak Sapkota
‘Travel fascinates, travel inspires and travel speaks… speaks to the hearts of billions.’ This is how I felt during each of the sessions we had during our HONS 223 class. Every aspect of the class made me realize how much I love travel… not to mention that the country presentations were simply breath taking and mesmerizing.

I have always tried to be a vivid traveler, explore things and learn new ideas. And this class fueled my interest in traveling even more. I hardly knew anything about the beautiful islands mentioned in class but after this class my knowledge regarding the world and its culture has greatly escalated. For me, travel always meant money and most of my plans about visiting different places have always been sabotaged by my financial crunch but little did I think that you just need to blow with the wind to travel. Even though, I will be done with school in less than 20 days and I won’t be getting that many opportunities to travel, I am not going to miss even a single chance I get.  I am for sure someday going to visit Galapagos Islands and enjoy the nature and the diversity of life there.

However, the most important thing this class made me realize was the fact that the dynamics of tourism is beyond the normal enjoyment of people. Tourism can contribute to a greater cause… making this earth a more beautiful place to live in and it is our responsibility as travelers to add on to this reason. The whole idea of ecotourism simply fascinates me; an idea which has  always been  admired by a traveler like me, who likes to explore and learn on his own rather than being fed with information. So, in distant years, I totally picture myself traveling most of the places discussed in class but before I travel anywhere else in the world, I’d definitely visit Bruges in Belgium… a truly magnificent medieval beauty.

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