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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TEXBOOKS: GEOG 290, Tourism: Concepts and Practices By: Dr. Johnny Walker

GEOG 290 World of Travel and Tourism (3 Crs.) F, S.

This course is designed to introduce and give a basic understanding of the nature, segmentation, and historical development, social, economic, and cultural aspects of the industry. An introduction of the world of travel and tourism, with special emphasis on its industries, systems and career opportunities. This course introduces students to international tourism, including definitions and historical development, positive and negative impacts, visitor motivations and market issues. Both domestic and international issues and examples will be covered. Course Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is designed for students with no previous exposure to travel and tourism.

Set text book:
The material in this course is contained in the book: Tourism: Concepts and Practices By Dr. Johnny Walker. This textbook explores this exciting field using a systems approach. Building on the author’s experience, it looks at the characteristics of tourism and the demand side first, then organizing tourism, followed by the operating sectors. Full-color photographs, industry profiles, and a career emphasis reveal the opportunities tourism holds for both consumers and professionals.  Special geography spotlights examine the reasons people travel and the places people go.  Features  Builds on the author’s  experience–using examples that capture the world’s largest and fastest growing industry.
 Book offers industry examples gleaned from the author’s years of experience in the field.
 Uses a systems approach–to form the foundation of the text.
 Includes five parts devoted to the characteristics, organization, operations, and social and cultural aspects of tourism.
 Emphasizes real-world connections–using case studies, professional profiles, corporate profiles, career information and more!
 Takes students into the world of tourism and the opportunities it holds for both consumers and professionals.
 Focus On contributions–authored by industry experts, these include two by your Professor and her SCSU T&T students "Planning Green Events”   Chapter 9, pp. 310-312; "Space Tourism" Chapter 16, pp. 506-509; Chapter 3, pp. 77 Beluga Whales; Chapter 4, pp.132, Indonesia; Chapter 12, pp. 388, Islas Gal├ípagos.
 Provides multiple views of the tourism industry through the eyes of experienced professionals.
 Offers Geography Spotlights–that look at reasons people travel and the places people go.
 Offers virtual trips around the globe and emphasizes the seven reasons people travel (Educational Tourism; Romantic Tourism; Adventure Tourism; Eco Tourism Cultural/Heritage Tourism; Remote Tourism; and Sea, San & Sun Tourism).
 Devotes a chapter to sustainability and ecotourism–see Chapter 12. Addressing current trends and issues in the field.
 Offers case studies, Internet exercises, suggested activities and Apply Your Knowledge questions–in every chapter.

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