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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HONS Travel Journals

By: Stephanie Trottier 
After completing a semester in a travel and tourism class, I have centered my college education and future on world cultures and the travel industry. The Honors 223 class, World of Travel and Tourism, has further ignited the glowing embers that are my passion for experiencing the diverse world I live in. College is the time of my life when the most crucial decisions are made.
I have decided to complement my first major in linguistics with another major in travel and tourism and a minor in intercultural communication. I plan on studying several languages including Russian, Spanish, and French to start. I may also pick another minor in environmental studies. After I complete my education, I am planning on applying to the Peace Corps where I will hopefully help with conservation efforts in places such as Madagascar, which was the country I presented in class. I will spend about two years there. If all goes well, I may spend more time in that program or find other opportunities to volunteer my time and service at.
I have learned to take every opportunity that comes to me. I took the opportunity to become an intern for an online news site contributing twenty articles a week and will stay on as a contributing writer; hopefully, I will write for the travel section soon. My ultimate goal is to be a travel writer. There is nothing more important to me than spreading awareness of important environmental and cultural issues going on in the world. After all, we all live here.  As for now, I have applied for an internship with the Rainforest Action Network and I am waiting for a reply. I am thoroughly looking forward to completing my major and minor and eventually traveling the world. A degree in travel and tourism could take me anywhere—literally.

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