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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"It’s Show Time Folks” by Alex

"It’s Show Time Folks”
By Alex Karls, GEOG 444
             My name is Alex all the way from Minnnnnnnnnnnnnesooooooooota!  The first thing I did before enrolling as a student at St. Cloud State University in the Travel and Tourism program was to find a job in the traveling field. I had an interview two years ago and have worked for Carnival Cruise Line for about two years.  Fall of 2011 I did an internship from St. Cloud State University, Minnnnnnnnnnnnnesooooooooota.
            People skills, energy, and being a hard worker is what got me the job with Carnival two years ago.  My job title is called "Entertainment Staff” One of the things that I truly value is the word “FUN" for our guests. My job is to provide the most memorable vacation for our guests. There are lots of activities during the cruise.  Some of the activities that I host are trivia's, BINGO, outdoor sports and much more.  During my activities I provide a friendly and lively atmosphere towards the guests.
            One of the major perks that I have is traveling while working at the same time.  I have been to more than six different countries and fifteen different islands.  For the last two years I have covered 230,000 nautical miles of ocean.  Meeting people from different parts of the world and seeing places while in ports has been one of the best experiences ever.
            Carnival is a great company to work for. I will be back at St. Cloud State University in Spring of 2012 as a senior.  Carnival has taught me great work ethics; which makes me a strong student in the Travel and Tourism Department.  I enjoy working for the company of Carnival and have many years up ahead.  Bon Voyage Folks!!!!!!!
 "Being your-self is what makes you successful"

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