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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel Journals, GEOG 290

Journal 2: End of Semester Journal
By: Rosalind Jamison

Back in the 70` when I was way younger, Our family used to watch Aaron Spelling`s Television show “The Love Boat” with Isaac Washington as the bartender. I remember one time talking to my mother about being a bartender on a cruise ship. Through the years she has asked me if I still had that thought of being a bartender on a ship. My reply was always yes. To this day, I will still say yes, especially now that I have a few years as a bartender on my resume` and attending Geog 290 T&T at SCSU this can actually turn in to a reality.

When the topic of Youth Hostels came up on class I have to admit that I had not ever known about them. As I find out more about them through T&T I realized that another passion of my can be used for the better while doing a Volunteer Youth Hostel Program and that is for walking and hiking. I was always on the go running away from group homes as well as from home now that I am older, I still have the erg and energy to walk until my feet and legs hurt. Doing a Youth Hostel Trip would come in handy and do me some good.

While in T&T Geog. 290 Class the erg of wanting to call my friend up that got me into a job in Alaska back in 2004 has came over me. I have been thinking of seeing if the manager will re accept me back as a regular employee as before but maybe see what I can do to get as an inter ship with credits this summer. I am pleased that I had been encouraged to take this course. I have more knowledge of how I can get my start in traveling. Writing is not my best feature but I have been known to take some pretty darn good picture. This class has inspired me in being able to accomplish a lot of goals that I have wanted to do my whole life and I would not have imagined it would only take one Class of Geog 290 T&T with the best traveling person I have ever known. Prof. Bel K. I want to thank you for being able to provide this class to me and so many others like me who want to travel and are not able to afford it. I will be attending more Geo classes in hopes to see if this is where my passion lays; in traveling.

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