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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HONS Travel Journals

By: Nicole Saar
Professor Kambach - HONS 223
10 November 2011
I have been in this course for close to a semester now, and I still feel the way that I did on the first day.  Most people live their lives in a shell not taking the time to experience other locations and cultures; I don’t want to be one of those people.  There is so much to see in the world, and the only way to fully live is to experience these places personally.  I feel like I have already gained so much knowledge about what is out there that is worth seeing.  At the beginning of this course, I was really interested in visiting Western Europe, which is common for those that are rather inexperienced when it comes to traveling.  There is still a great deal to see in this region, but now I have so many other places that I want to see that I never even knew existed.  Everything that Professor Bel has communicated to us about this industry sounds so amazing.  Each class was hard to sit through because I wanted to be at the discussed destination experiencing everything Bel was talking about.  It all seemed too perfect and dreamlike.
 Everything that I have seen and learned through Professor Bel’s presentations has made me realize that there is much more to the Travel and Tourism industry than what I thought.  What was really interesting was learning about how traveling to space is becoming a reality.  When thinking about space travel, it seems so far away and something that is almost too unreal to believe.  Besides learning about how the industry is changing, I’ve learned what area of the industry I would possibly be attracted to.  A particular sector that would be suitable for my interests would be the MICE segment.  I have always been interested in event planning, and this segment would be perfect.  I feel like if I were in this industry, I would always be doing something new and something that I would get enjoyment out of.  As of now, I am still majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing, but this course has made me really think about what I want to do when it comes to a career.  My goal, and everyone else’s, is to find a career that I love and one that is bored proof.  Travel and Tourism sounds like it could be a contender.

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